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We use descreet and private packaging, our 3rd party courier companies deliver to you door from mondays to fridays between 8:00-17:00. For Rural and very outlying areas we are able to send the parcel Via Paxi. We will inform you if we need to change the courier method

Hair loss is treatable and reversable, clinical human trials
prove that starting early provides the best results. If you start too late it can be much more difficult to regain hair. Speak to you medical professional about the different options you might have

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Frequently asked Questions

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Will Minoxi5 work for me?

it does not work for everyone who tries, But has a success rate of 80%. It is recommended for those who suffer from various forms of alopecia, but must be used in the earlier stages of these conditions to work well. That is why starting early is the key. If you are not sure, speak to a doctor or medical professional before buying. We cannot diagnose any patient via email or online chat, we will leave that to trained doctors.

Why is your product Cheaper than others? is the product Legit

We always get asked this question, In South Africa due to the lack of competition in the past it has caused High Prices, when in fact in the rest of the world it is the most affordable way to regrow hair. Not only is ours the best priced, but we believe is on par with any international brand.

What is the difference between Minoxi5 Solution and Minoxi5 Foam?

Solution is a serum style product that is applied with a dropper that comes in the pack. It spreads well and is the traditional type first crreated in the late 80’s. The Minoxi5 Foam is a new form of delivering the active ingredient in a foam, The foam dries out quicker and leaves less of an oily feel than compared to the solution. The foam also does not contain propylene glycol, this is found in solution, a small percentage of people will have an allergic reaction to propylene glycol.

How soon can i get the product once i order?

Once you place an order on our online store we process pack and ship your order out via a courier, expect your order within 3-5 business days. Since 2019 we have delivered a 100% of our orders, and have never not been able to get the product in a customers hands!

How safe are your payment methods and systems

We use the best payment providers, and for international customers Paypal. All payments are handles by these 3rd party companies and are fully traceable. You transact 100% safely and there is no chance of any fraud or theft of your infomation. Since starting in 2019 we have never had any payment disputes of problem with any customer, we are able to help customers any issues that arrise.

How do i communicate and get help from the website?

The website contains many articles and policies you can read such: Shipping policy, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy ect. As well as product information located in the description when you click on the product. You can also use the CHAT function to send us emails, as well as emailing us directly, someone will answer you ASAP, if you send a mail after business hours it will be responded to the next business day. EMAIL: info@shopminoxidil.com

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