Minoxi5 Minoxidil + DHT blocker (Double Action Formula), 3Month Supply

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Double Action, Minoxi5 with added DHT Blocker specifically for MEN

Minoxi5  -  works by stimulating blood flow in the hair follicles that encourages hair Growth

DHT Blocker (*fda*approved ingredient 0.25%) -  works by reducing DHT on the scalp, DHT is a byproduct of testosterone. High levels of DHT levels cause hair follicles to shrink, causing brittle hair and eventually hair loss. Mostly effects men but some woman can also experience this problem. This DHT blocker ingredient causes no side effects as compared to possible product in oral form.

To See details about the DHT blocker, please email us or click on this link to read about human trials:


The two Clinically proven hair loss ingredients in a topical Form


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product very specialised and is only made in small batches and is added to existing Solution. Special stickers indicating the added ingredient will be put on existing Solution packaging.


Who should use this product

* Those that find using Minoxi5 alone is not sufficient and require a more potent formula to prevent hair loss and regain lost hair

* Advised for use by Men (as men are mostly affected by access DHT on the scalp)

* UPDATE: Results in reversing DHT effect of shrinking hair in men: using this product will result in thickening of hair strands in Men who suffer from DHT formation on scalp

* For woman only on advise from Doctor

What the pack comes with:

3 x 60ml bottles of Minoxi5  + Potent DHT Blocker-0.25%

1 x dropper

1 x instruction leaflet (use the same as normal Minoxi5 solution)

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Product Questions and answers

What is the difference between solution and foam?

The solution in a liquid form, it is based on Rogaine and other Rogaine generics like Kirkland’s, foligain ect. It comes with a dropper applicator to measure out the solution. The Foam is dispensed in a foam onto your hands where you apply to areas of the scalp. The foam product does
not spread as easily as the solution but dries quicker and leaves the scalp with less of an oily feel.  

I am allergic to propylene glycol, which product should I use?

Use the foam product, it has 0 propylene glycol. IF you experience
a rash from using solution it is because of the propylene glycol carrier liquid in the solution version, please stop using and buy only the foam version.

What are the possible side effects?

side effects are very rare, but like all products
small % of the population might experience them. Most of these side effects are well known and can be searched online. However, if any are experienced stopping usage will stop any side effects. THOSE WITH HEART CONDITIONS, must get a doctor’s OK before they start using as minoxi5's action is stimulating blood flow to
the scalp for hair growth

Should i use a derma roller

We absolutely encourage making derma rolling a weekly routine,
this has shows to really increase hair growth. Even using he derma roller without minoxi5 or any other treatment can be beneficial on its own

Do your packs come with instructions?

Yes, all products come with clear instructions on how to use and what to watch out for, please read the instructions before using

What shampoos and conditioners should i use with Minoxi5?

Do not buy special shampoo’s or conditioners that claim to help with hair growth, this is simply not true, save your money, stick to good quality shampoos and conditioners. Minoxi5 alone is more than enough.

Are there any supplements or tablets that can help the minoxi5 work better?

No vitamins or supplements are proven to help hair loss for
those who suffer from alopecia. This includes Biotin, there are no clinically human trials around that show their effectiveness. HOWEVER, if you are deficient in any of these vitamins, including suffer from Biotin deficiency, then yes you
should supplement your intake with them, but check with your doctor about what you are deficient in before taking unnecessary supplements