Returns and Cancellations Policy

Cancelations, Returns and refunds

If goods are delivered in a damaged state, inform us via email within 1 day of receiving, we will make arrangements to replace the product with you


Changed your mind and would like to cancel the order before delivery to you?.. depending on where the process is, you might be liable for admin fee's and courier fee's incurred. 

Due to the medical nature of the product we are no longer accepting returns after the package has been opened.

Returns are arranged by us in the form of a collection, no returns will be accepted without prior communication with us

Refunds for returns are only processed once the goods have arrived back at our warehouse and inspected

1) Courier fee's (delivery and collection charges) are non refundable

2) Admin fee's will be charged on cancelations to cover administrative costs such as payment gateway fee's that are charged on you using a payment gateway

For using payfast we will charge up to 5% of total order value for refunds

In the Case where Payflex - PayLater facility was used to make the payment the non refundable portion is 7% of the total order.

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How will i know if Minoxi5 will work for me?

The first step is understanding what is causing your hair loss, Minoxi5 should be used by those who suffer from Male/Female pattern balding, AKA Alopecia. If unsure check with a doctor for a diagnosis, make sure you use the correct product for your condition

Why is your Product the lowest priced in South Africa

in other countries it is not expensive, in SA due to lack of
competition and the price of importing international brands have given the impression that it is an expensive product. Our aim is to provide the best value product to our customers.

How long after use do i see results?

it Does not work for all who try, but has a high success rate 80-90% wh try will get results, these results happen in month 3-4. Hair Growth is slow, there is no magic pill or potion that can beat Minoxi5. Make sure you use it daily and make it a part of your daily routine

How Long do i need to use the product

If you suffer from Alopecia - Hereditary hair loss, then there is no cure. You will have to make usage a lifelong commitment. Good news is that our product will not break the bank and only takes a minute to apply. If you suffer
from another health issue, solving that underlying health issue might mean you don’t need to use minoxi5 for life.

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