Shipping Policy and Rates

Shipping rates now include processing time of 1 business day as well as courier transit time to your address

NEW UPDATE: (Jan-2024): We will not be held liable for late deliveries as a result of customers providing vague, incorrect: addresses and incorrect telephone numbers. This causes delays with the courier, parcels are usually sent back due to the drivers not being able to locate you, once correct details are obtained and changed, we will then resend the parcel to you ASAP

1)Street Number and Name are required, (some rural area's do not have, use landmarks and the best you can to help the driver)

2) If ina large town or city, unclude suburb , or location name within the city

3) if residential complex address also include name of complex and unit number

4) if Company address, include company name


Standard/Economy Shipping: 3-6 Days

Premium Shipping: No longer offered due to a lack of interest from customers

Rural and outlying can be a longer wait, 7-10 day (you can track your ordder daily to follow where it is)

Shopminoxidil and our nominated courier will not be liable for any delays in shipping times caused by customers not being available for deliveries as well as unclear addresses that could lead to longer shipping times


Local Courier Fee's (within Borders of South Africa)

1. Gauteng:  R89

2. Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo : R95

3. Rest Of South Africa: R89

4. Very remote areas in SA- Don't Worry, proceed with your order online ,If our courier does not service your area because it is very remote: We will get a hold of you to make arrangements for delivery via another means such as PEP PAXI. 

SAVE on COURIER COSTS: Spend over R600 and get no shipping/courier charge

ORDER TRACKING: you can track your parcel online yourself. Once your package is about to leave our warehouse we will send you instructions on how you can track the order as well as the actual tracking number 


We use 3rd party couriers and cannot give you the exact date and time of the delivery within the above time frames, please ensure you give an address that your are available at during working hours or an address where someone can receive the package on your behalf

 The couriers daily/weekly workload will determine how quickly they can deliver to you, on average each driver is allocated 2-3 suburbs or area's, small towns might only have one driver designated to work the area. If the driver is allocated a large number of packages for pickup and delivery, it can cause a spill over to the next day. So please exercise patience as their are limited hours within a day

If after 5- 7 working/business days with no delivery inform us so we can investigate on your behalf, please do not call the courier yourselves, we are better equipped to assist.

Any disputes of receipt must be reported within a week of the delivery lead time, this will allow us to investigate in time. If too much time has passed it will result in us not being able to investigate with the driver in question because too much time has passed and his/her version can be forgoten. We cannot process refunds if we cannot establish any fault from the courier.


This is how you can make it easier for the courier to locate you:


* USE accurate addresses, street name and number, complex name or number, business name if applicable. 

* Rural areas with no street names or numbers, indicate closest landmarks, we will inform the driver to call you when in your area

* Provide correct telephone numbers for the driver to reach you if he/she has an issue locating you

* Need a special delivery instruction? inform us to indicate on the waybill: Examples: Deliver to security, Deliver to reception, Deliver only within specified times daily

*when the courier cannot locate you they will reattempt the delivery in 2-3 business days


Cross border and international

Please contact us regarding shipping rates across the borders of South Africa on



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How will i know if Minoxi5 will work for me?

The first step is understanding what is causing your hair loss, Minoxi5 should be used by those who suffer from Male/Female pattern balding, AKA Alopecia. If unsure check with a doctor for a diagnosis, make sure you use the correct product for your condition

Why is your Product the lowest priced in South Africa

in other countries it is not expensive, in SA due to lack of
competition and the price of importing international brands have given the impression that it is an expensive product. Our aim is to provide the best value product to our customers.

How long after use do i see results?

it Does not work for all who try, but has a high success rate 80-90% wh try will get results, these results happen in month 3-4. Hair Growth is slow, there is no magic pill or potion that can beat Minoxi5. Make sure you use it daily and make it a part of your daily routine

How Long do i need to use the product

If you suffer from Alopecia - Hereditary hair loss, then there is no cure. You will have to make usage a lifelong commitment. Good news is that our product will not break the bank and only takes a minute to apply. If you suffer
from another health issue, solving that underlying health issue might mean you don’t need to use minoxi5 for life.

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