Common Customer Questions

Here are some common questions posed to us

How do i get my product, and how long does it take?

We make use of reputable South African couriers, the delivery takes about 2-3 days from order placement. Our courier will make contact with you if they are struggling to deliver. Please ensure you provide valid telephone numbers and e mail addresses when you place your order

Can your product be compared to a popular brand like Kirkland?

Yes the product can be compared to Kirkland's and others, however we have added some ingredients to counter some of the drying effects that is usually assosiated with these types of products

Why is your product priced so competitively compared to other brands

Other brands are imported and thus come with high import charges and logistics costs, our aim was to produce locally and provide the South African Market with a product that is easy on their pockets, because we know that usage is long term

I am losing my hair will this product help?

Minoxi5 has been developed for people suffering from hereditary hair loss, any other reasons should be investigated with your doctor. We always refer you to your doctor to identify the issues

Can Minoxi5 be used for other areas, like eyebrows or beard?

Although it was designed for sculp use, many have used for other purposes and have shared their experiences online. We encourage you to do the research


Does the Derma roller improve the product?

The Derma roller increases the absorption significantly, some use it in the beginning to fast track some of the gains in the beginning of their Minoxi5 usage 

Why have you stopped accepting EFT or Bank Deposits

Because we have secure and safe facilities for online purchases, we are confident that you can transact safely without the risk of theft of any kind. Using the online facilities also allow us to process your order faster, as we can immediately match it up to your order.






More Questions?

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How will i know if Minoxi5 will work for me?

The first step is understanding what is causing your hair loss, Minoxi5 should be used by those who suffer from Male/Female pattern balding, AKA Alopecia. If unsure check with a doctor for a diagnosis, make sure you use the correct product for your condition

Why is your Product the lowest priced in South Africa

in other countries it is not expensive, in SA due to lack of
competition and the price of importing international brands have given the impression that it is an expensive product. Our aim is to provide the best value product to our customers.

How long after use do i see results?

it Does not work for all who try, but has a high success rate 80-90% wh try will get results, these results happen in month 3-4. Hair Growth is slow, there is no magic pill or potion that can beat Minoxi5. Make sure you use it daily and make it a part of your daily routine

How Long do i need to use the product

If you suffer from Alopecia - Hereditary hair loss, then there is no cure. You will have to make usage a lifelong commitment. Good news is that our product will not break the bank and only takes a minute to apply. If you suffer
from another health issue, solving that underlying health issue might mean you don’t need to use minoxi5 for life.

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