Door to Door Delivery

Here we answer the most common questions about

1) Online Ordering - Safety concerns

2) Delivery to your door and what to expect when you place your order

3) Ordering from African Countries outside of South Africa


1) Ordering Online

a) Are my transactions safe from fraud when purchasing on

Yes, we make use of the most reputable and secure e-commerce payment providers in South Africa, Payfast and OZOW. All transactions made are encrypted. When you order on our site, funds are made to these service providers and then to us, is it is 100% traceable!!

Here is a link to stores that keep for those wanting to buy in person

b) What cards can i make payment with?

Any Debit or Credit card will work, Mastercard and Visa. Your bank will send you an OTP pin to your cell as a safety measure before any payments to Payfast and OZOW are processed

c) Can i make payment vie EFT or Deposit?

Remember that Payfast and OZOW actually have an EFT option to pay, this links you to your bank where you can make the payment just as you would with a manual eft. But manual EFT's are an option, please email us for this option:


2) Delivery common questions

a) How long does delivery take

Generally we always state 3 to 7 WORKING days, once you place an order is must be processed, packed and then gets handed to our couriers.

b) Do you deliver on weekends

No, our couriers do not operate on weekends and public holidays, do not count these days as per the delivery lead times

c) What is my package has not been delivered after 7 working days

Email us once this happens, along with order number or your name used when placing the order. We can then query it with our couriers and solve the problem

d) What happens if my parcel is lost or stolen (hi-jacking) during the shipping process

We will replace your order by sending you another parcel, we then claim the loss from our courier, we make sure you get your product one way or another!!

e) What happens if the courier does not get a hold of me

The courier will keep attempting to deliver for a few days, and try to get hold of you on your cell, that is why you must aim to give a very accurate address and a cell number where you are always reachable. Failing to get a hold of you will result in the courier sending your parcel back, we will then make contact and resend the parcel to you.. We go out of our way to make sure you get the product, one way or the other!!

d) Can i track my order?

Yes we will email you a tracking number, along with a link to the couriers website, please check your spam folders in your email as these order confirmations sometimes land up in there


3) Ordering from African countries outside of South Africa

  • You are able to choose your county from the list at the checkout screen
  • You can pay using any Visa or Mastercard, including via PayPal
  • The currency will automatically convert and process the payment successfully
  • Shipment will happen via DHL and takes 7 to 10 working days on average
  • You are able to track your shipment online


More Questions?

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in other countries it is not expensive, in SA due to lack of
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