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Does Minoxi5 help with frontal hair growth or just the Crown (top)??

Does Minoxi5 help with frontal hair growth or just the Crown (top)??


When it was first being developed, it showed early on that it was very effective with re-growing hair in the crown (or Top) for men, and the reason for this conclusion early on was that the studies focused on men with hair loss experienced prominently in the crown. In fact reading some of the first product cartons and labels, it would state that the product is meant for hair loss in the crown.

But that did not stop men and woman from trying the product if hair loss was on other area's on the scalp. In fact we now know that it did not stop men who could not grow a full beard to use this treatment with great effect.

So to answer the question, will Minoxi5 help with frontal or other parts of scalp?

And the answer is YES. So contrary to many brands stating that it is designed for hair growth in crown, we now now due to thousands, or even Millions of personal accounts of users worldwide that frontal hair growth is possible. We know from enough antidotal evidence that in some cases hair loss is stopped on frontal area's as a minimum, and on other cases some gains are made in re-growth when treatment is started early enough

The main reasons why the established companies do not state this on their products, is that they are not interested in proving that it works for both front and back, this is a costly exercise that would require clinical trials and approvals for this to change, these companies have already paid and proven that minoxi5 can stop and reverse hair loss in men and woman

The real question to ask is:




A study was conducted by Dr. Blume Peytavi, from Berlin, Germany in 2013 showed positive results from a trial of men suffering with Male pattern hair loss, this was one of the first trials proving the effectiveness in both front and in crown.

Key takeaways

If users react well to Minoxi5 at the very least any new hair loss can be stopped and current hair can be maintained in the frontal area's

If used early enough, users who react well to Minoxi5 can actually regrow frontal hair and in other area's besides the crown




Hillman K et al. A Single-Centre, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial ,2015;28:236-244.  

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